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"I can never thank you enough for the service provided, which was on a par with INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS! I have not seen how beautiful my wife's eyes are in many years!" ..said a pleased husband

"I experience no discomfort and have completely forgotten how it was to wear glasses." ..said Hanna María Skaftadóttir

"Before I underwent the procedure, I'd didn't see the eye chart at the doctor's. I only saw the light. That evening I watched television and read the subtitles. The day after the procedure, I saw the entire chart that I hadn't seen the day before." ..said Unnur Gunnarsdóttir

"Several months have now passed since I underwent the procedure at your clinic, and I just wanted to let you know that everything is going absolutely fine, and I am very pleased with the result. This is an incredible difference. Before, I always had trouble with my glasses if I played football, basketball, handball, or went fishing in variable weather. Today this is no longer a problem, thanks to you." ..said Einar Lárusson, 'Former record holder in Iceland for astigmatism'

"God gave me eyes, but Thórdur gave me vision!" ..said Bolli Kristinsson, owner of the store Sautján

"Dear Eiríkur, I want to thank you at LaserSjón for what you did for me. I knew before the procedure that I had severe astigmatism in both eyes, but having +4 and ?6 astigmatism in the right eye and +6.5 and ?9.5 astigmatism in the left eye was something I never dreamed would be possible to fix. The procedure has changed a lot for me, and I can actually say that I see things in a completely different light than before. Being able to drive a car the day after the procedure was also incredible. In addition, headaches that I connected with the astigmatism disappeared the day after the procedure. It is a great difference to get rid of the coke bottle bottoms that I had before. My deepest thanks, and I hope all goes well for you." ..said Hilmar Sigvaldason