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About us

LaserSjón ehf. specializes in laser procedures on the cornea of the eye to remedy refractive defects. LaserSjón is a pioneer in refractive procedures in Iceland and has the most experienced specialists in this area in Iceland. The company is equipped with the most modern technical equipment for refractive procedures and treatment. LaserSjón's equipment is fourth-generation LASIK equipment.

Ophthalmologists Thórdur Sverrisson, Eiríkur I. Thorgeirsson and Keith Warren Fogg have performed laser procedures on more than 6000 people and therefore on about 12,000 eyes. Today, LaserSjón is one of the biggest LASIK procedure centres in the Nordic countries, and its doctors are among the most experienced of their colleagues in the Nordic countries.

The LASIK procedure is one of the commonest refractive procedures in the world today; millions of them are done each year. The LASIK procedure is appropriate for those preferring not to be reliant on glasses or contact lenses during leisure or at work, and for those unable to use contact lenses because of discomfort or allergy. LASIK procedures are also especially suitable for individuals with jobs or hobbies, where contact lenses or glasses are a considerable burden or hindrance.

A recent comparison of laser procedure equipment organized by the US Food and Drug Administration showed that the Bausch & Lomb equipment used by LaserSjón gave the best results. The findings show that 87.3% achieved full visual acuity; 12.4% achieved substantially improved visual acuity, but only 0.3% did not achieve the intended results.

Between them the company's founders, Eiríkur and Thórdur, have decades of professional experience in the field of ophthalmology and, in addition, are the most experienced specialists in LASIK procedures in Iceland. In addition to Eiríkur and Thórdur, nurses and a secretary in reception work at LaserSjón. Five of LaserSjón's key employees have undergone a procedure with outstanding results.

Because of the enormously high success rate of the Bausch & Lomb equipment used at LaserSjón, it is one the most widely used in the world in this field. Today it is used by numerous respected and large companies in this field throughout the world, where recognized and world-famous ophthalmologists in the field of refractive procedures work.

The fact that LaserSjón has chosen this equipment, which is rated so highly in surveys, confirms that we always strive to have the best available equipment in the world for handling your eyes. We closely monitor all developments in this field, and our specialists attend conferences in other countries each year where the latest technology, equipment and procedures are presented. It is our opinion that in this way, LaserSjón is in the forefront of companies in this field in the world today.

We know that our success in each and every individual instance determines the results we achieve. For this reason each instance is unique to us, where LaserSjón's specialists become specialists on your eyes.